PROMOTING YOUR SITE: Now you’ve got a website… what do you do? Tips on promoting your site.

Promoting your site is as important as getting a site to start with. What good is having a site if no one can find it? Many web designers do not understand that there are things you can do to help the web site get into the searches. We have 16 years experience in getting your site where it needs to be so it can be found once it is created.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to search engines, directories and web crawlers. The first thing to remember is web traffic does not come automatically to your site once it is up and running. The search tools must crawl your site in order to list it in their indexes. Each search engine or directory had its own criteria for listing a website and also its own time period that this takes. Some can do it as fast as a week while others may take several months. They not only vary from search engine to search engine but also from day to day. There is no guarantee that they will list it at all but generally they do as the larger their index is, the more people will use their engines.

What you can do is also important. Yes, there are things you can do to help spread the word! Be sure to put your web address ( on all of your advertising. If you have business cards and don’t want to reorder yet, print the domain on small address labels and affix them to the back. Print the website address on invoices. Add your web address in the signature of all outgoing emails you send. Put your address in all directories that you may come across on the Internet that have to do with your business. Also, tell everyone you know. Word of mouth is still a great way to become known.

The longer your site is out in the cyber world, the more it will be seen by potential customers. We do everything possible to get your site found as quickly as possible. We know time is money.